Thursday, November 18, 2010

I guess i wont ride my bike anymore!!

So, just found out that bones dont actually come back together as fast as i thought. I figured since my collar bone felt alright then it MUST be back together... but turns out that the body produces this weird glue stuff when it breaks a bone and that holds it together for a while until the bone starts to calcify and get stronger.. But during this process the bones can still move around, so its best to not use it at all.

I cant pick up my bike with one are like i used to do!!

Long story short: i should not be riding my mountain bike everyday like i have been. Even though ive been riding on easy dirt roads and smooth trails, im not supposed to have any pressure on my arm at all.... So thats a bummer. I thought since i was an elite athlete that is really healthy, my bone would heal faster than the "average" person. But i guess i have to settle with being just average during my recovery and i am now officially on my break from riding, a little earlier than i would have liked.

Cool thing tho, i still came in second in the race series!! and the last race of the series i got to watch anthony smash the race for his first elite race win of his career! During that time i got to enjoy several fresh pulled pork sandwiches and a bunch of beers. so that was enjoyable.

So now that i realize that im not a super human and i have all the people around me like my coach/mentors/ friends Alec, Jeremy Powers, Mukunda and brian hayes telling me to stay off my bike. I guess i will listen to them and take it easy and get rested up so i can start doing base!! i plan on going to Southern California for base this year. Hopefully i will be gone for a little more than a month. So if anyone has any connections down there, let me know!! trying to do the trip on the cheap.

I have the coolest team in the world! and i will tell you why right now. Not only do we have some of the best racers in New England, we have the nicest people in the entire world on our team. Al and Mukunda care more about the team than i can even imagine. They put so much time and energy into running a very successful program that they are now in the second year of running. After two years of great sponsors and a great bunch of people, the team is getting even more awesome next season. Nothing can be talked about now, but there is some sweet shit happening that i will discuss once the team officially announces it. Besides that tho, we just bought Mairena Arostegui from Nicaragua ( some pigs and hens through the Check them out. Every time that we win a bike race, we help someone around the world with there business by offering our race winnings. And while we dont win a lot of money racing bikes, it still really helps someone that could really use it! So our team is just awesome.

Go to the teams website and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on what we are doing and how awesome we are becoming with each passing minute.

I wish it was summer still, so i could be doing this again!! jumping off trees into rivers..

Thats all i have for now, but hopefully there will be more interesting things happening soon.