Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Americas Dairlyland

So im am now in Madison Wisconsin for Collegiate nationals. Madison is really cool, awesome biking city. Ive seen some cool stuff, but for the most part madison is pretty normal. i guess i expected to see cow-tipping hilbillies or something. Its a big college town so there are lots of young people out and about.

My plane ride here was interesting. I took a plane from Boston to chicago which was perfect. no problems. But from Chicago to Madison was another story. The plane i was on was the size of a peanut. It was tiny. So therefore lots of turbulence. It was supposed to be a 45-55 min flight depending on wind. Well it was really windy and when we came in for landing we were about 100 ft off the ground when the plane got blown about 50 feet to the side... it was crazy, so they pulled up and had to loop around for about another 35 mins before we could take another sketchy approach. We made it the second time, but not without the fear for my life! it was nuts.

So im here now, i got my bike together at a local shop. I couldnt get into the hotel cuz i was waiting for Pavel, the dark lord, to arrive because im staying with him.

Pavel is an interesting character. He definetly has some dark powers that gets him to the finish line in front of everbody. I wonder what it will be like staying with the superstar!? hes hilarious to say the least. I went out to eat with Pan Pan and the dark lord himself. here are some clips from my time here in madison.

I guess this is how he prepares for races. Drinks wine and eats the nastiest piece of pizza. And this man does have a great taste for wine. he impressed the waitress.
pavel and Pan Pan with there fancy wine
I think this picture was taken during one of our converstations on how lesbians and gay peoples minds work
Bike assembly
Me with the capital building behind me. It was a beautiful day. just really windy
And right now we are doing our homework on whos good in the race. Theres a lot of people that could win this race.. which means it gunna be hard.

More to come from me after the races, Friday is the road race and saturday is the crit. Tomorrow we pre-ride the road course a few times and also get up early to go to I-HOP because Pavel has never gone. and we will eat copious amounts of pancakes.

Im going to bed. goodnight lamp


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