Thursday, February 24, 2011


So i have been in california for the past 2 weeks now. This place is really cool. I never thought that i would ever really like Southern California, but i can definitely understand why people would move here. THE WEATHER IS PERFECT ALL THE TIME!

I have been staying at the beach after I attended the Jelly Belly Training Camp. The Camp was really cool. Getting to ride with all the Pro Riders on the team was a great opportunity. We had a lot of great rides and experiences when Anthony and I were with them. At the end of the camp we got presented with a signed jersey and lots of Jelly Belly memorabilia.

So since the camp has ended, i didnt really have a plan of where i was going to stay. I had a back up plan that would save me, just in case. I thought it would be fun to try and meet up with random people and stay with them for a couple days at a time. So with a day left in camp i found someone from Couchsurfers. He messaged me back and said that I was good to go to stay at his place!

Awesome, now i need to figure out how to get there and wether or not this guy was going to kill me and throw me in the ocean. So i show up WED afternoon to an oceanfront property condo and out comes a short guy with a beard and long hair...... I think, either he is a hippy, or hes going to murder me! So he welcomes me in to his house and its a little bit of a clustered living space with lots of instruments and art work everywhere. Then i think: Alright, im gunna die!

Turns out this guy was one of the coolest people i have ever met, hes travelled all over the world and has so many cool stories that he shared with me over the 5 nights i was there. I only planned on staying there for 3 nights, but my other housing fell through and since my host Mike was so nice, he let me stay as long as i needed.

He was within walking distance of one of the best sushi restaurant in the US. Best Sushi I have ever had. And even tho my sushi life is young, this sushi was amazing.

The Sushi roll in the picture was my favorite. it was made up of Tempura Shrimp, Spicy Crab, and spouts wrapped in soy paper. Topped with Tuna, avacado, spicy lobster, eel sauce and masago.

Sounds crazy! but it was really good.

I also tried surfing for the first time and i was absolutely terrible at it! The good guys make it look so easy and im ussually prety good at picking up sports pretty fast. I spent about 2 hours in the water and never got up on the board once! And i could barely catch a wave!

There is a lot of cool local music in the city of San Diego and i got to go to the famous Belly Up bar and music hall place to see a local legend Steve Poltz. He is the dude that co-wrote a lot of jewels big hits in her first albums.


I also got to go to the San Diego Wild Park Safar. Here are some cool pics from that!

Rhinos have to be the coolest animals ever. They look like dinosaurs and are massive!!

I also competed in some serious air hockey tournaments. It was pretty sweet.


Cali is cool. But i like New England better. Everyone here is SOFT! they cant deal with cold, and they wine to much. Also, everyone is really into themselves here. Everyone is very self involved and needs to "One-Up" each other all the time. This is true for most of the people that i have met here. But hey, whatever floats their boat!

But, i can say that it is really fun to meet new people from all over the place. I have met a few australians which are really cool guys. And i am currently staying with a guy that was in a car accident with Travis Pastrana and was paralyzed from the wast down. Well, now he is riding bikes and walking again. Really cool dude and a very cool story!

The sunsets here are nice.

Here is an interview that i was in for the JAM fund ( the cycling team i am one) I didn't want to post it, but my parents asked me to so my GRANDMOTHER could see it. Yes, thats right. My grandmother uses the internet now! NICE!

I DID NOT RE-READ this post. So don't tell me my grammar is bad and that i have spelling mistakes. My wifi time is limited here! So i don't care.

I am about to go make some amazing dinner now. so have a good day.

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