Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching up on time lost on the Blogosphere.

Ok so its been forever since ive blogged. For some reason my blogger account would not let me log into it with the information that i had been using in the past.. It took me a while to figure it out.

Im going to Bullet point that past few months so i dont write a HUGE blog with all the awesome stuff going on in my life. I will start from my last blog post.

  • Amazing country. So beatiful. Racing was wicked hard. Made the Break in a mountain stage and sold myself to another team to help them out. It was cool. I felt pro....

  • We ate SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. They really like the meat on a stick deal. They will come around with every piece of meat known to the cow.. and they just keep on coming!! it was amazing. But i gained a bunch of weight because of it. They also have these endless pizza places where they bring out every type of pizza know to man. I had chicken heart pizza and thoroughly enjoyed it. The dessert pizzas were the best tho!

OK enough about Brazil. The next thing in my life was probably...

New England Bike Racing

  • Came back from Brazil and had to get back in the swing of things. I did the Bennington Stage race. I got destroyed. Legs were not great after traveling across the world and then racing a couple days later. Then we did some local races (sterling comes to mind, and others.. it was so long ago) I did well in these races that i cant remember. Ive been pretty consistent this year with making it into the breaks and finishing top ten. But the big W has snuck away from me.
  • I came in Second to Gavin Mannion at the Purgatory RR. We took off together and rode across a 4 min gap to the leaders and then rode right past them where we then duked it out on the hill and he just had one more punch in him at the top and took me by a little bit. Its was fun and that was my first big result of the year.

Grandparents Millionth Anniversary
  • I forget how long they have been married. But i took the evening off from riding so i could go and visit the family, get some good food and hang out with the Grandparents. I assume they have been together for a long time...im gunna guess 55 yrs? my mom will know
  • This next pic is from a Pow wow that they honored my Grandparents anniversary. very cool.

Me and my little cousins!!

Next might have been (and at this point im just looking through my facebook to see the chronological order of my photos..)


  • I went riding with Jeremy Powers and we were talking about cool races that i could potentially get to this season. Well he came up with the idea of the team sending me out to the Glenco Grand Prix in Chicago. So we scrambled around, got me into the host housing that jelly belly was at... got some extra race wheels from the JB team and was ready to rip.

  • The race went really well. I rode "for" the jelly belly guys and did whatever they told me to do. The race was pretty hard, but nothing really crazy. 20 laps in it went from 75 riders to 17 riders and i was one of the only amateurs in that selection... very cool. I covered some moves, tried attacking a bit and was feeling really good. But it wasn't until i went up to Brad Huff from Jelly Belly and he told me that there was going to be an opportunity for me to attack and get away. So i did what he said and i immediately had a 15 second gap.. then 30 seconds.. all by myself. I bridged up to some lapped riders and then there was a lot of confusion and the lead vehicle thought i was a lapped rider and went behind me.. i kept trucking along and then another solo rider came up to me and we rode hard for the next few laps... We got caught with 1.5 laps to go and then i tried helping the JB lead out train but was only able to do about 30 seconds worth of work before legs started dying. It was sick. i came in 15th, so for my first NRC crit thats not to shabby...

Lots to catch up on.. So i will do another Blog in the next couple days

Topics to include:

  • Summer in Amherst, MA
  • More Bike racing - Altoona, Clamfest, and other races.
  • Whats been going on in my life
  • Whats on the plate for the next couple months of road season and plans for Cross season.

Here are some random Pictures from the last couple months.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon!

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