Friday, April 16, 2010

bike racing and business plannin

So, im sitting here near Westpoint NY at another ECCC race weekend. im eating frosted mini wheats out of my empty hungry man dinner plate thing. The hungry man was definitely a good choice, since the rest of the team had to wait a half hour for rice to cook and have a very lame rice and bean burrito.

Last week was the battenkill race. It was less epic than last year, the dirt roads were very hard packed and not that bad. The race was ended when Pavel Gonda took off from about 14 miles in and stayed away all day. I am very jealous of his victory and his victory salute as you can see in the below image. He looks very happy. I had the privelage of brining him down to Yale after the Battenkill race. He talked about how his legs hurt really really bad. A very nice guy and i wish the best to him as he will be leaving us to head back to the Czech Republic after he graduates from NYU. Congrats Pavel.

Ive recently realized that i need to keep the things that i love most in my life, an active part of my life. So many time you lose track of the things that you love, like friends and hobbies and other things that you may love. Im about to graduate from college, and then im in the real world. I just dont want to work 40 hrs a week for the next 40 years, retire and then do nothing. I want to keep my life a full and active as possible. I think thats the main reason i am starting my own business, so i can have the freedom to be my own boss and be in charge of the amount of money i make by worker hard for it. So before i graduate i want to make sure i have my priorities in line and keep the things that are best in my life as active as possible.

I have completed my business plan for the Real estate investment company i am starting. Although i still have not come up with a name yet. I thought i would take an Native American word, since i am native american, that meant something like security or safe or something. So i looked up some words and they are all a million letters long and un-pronounceable. so now im back at the beginning. I would appreciate some help. if anyone that reads this blog of mine, feel free to comment on this post or message me with some ideas. It needs to be serious and have nothing to do with bike racing. Awesome.

i dont really know why i have this blog. i hope you enjoy reading my crap.

These guys are so fly:

will update on what happens at westpoint at a later date. and hopefully there will be pics



  1. J_D Investors Group. Through in your middle initial cause there already is a JD investor group. I should be writing a paper but I am getting distracted here eh. If you make millions I want credit haha. Good luck at Quabbin.

  2. haha. you will recieve your credit!