Sunday, March 28, 2010

New team, new year

So ive been back from Peru for about 6 days now. That was the most amazing trip i have ever been on. I saw so many incredible things while on the trip. The culture there is really cool. Almost everyone is poor there, but they seem to be genuinely happy with the lives they live. It like going back into time before the industrial revolution or something. They dont have factories, they dont have many tractors. They use mules to farm there land, and farming is all they do.
Some parts of the trip were a little crazy, when i took a bus up to Huaraz which is north of the capital we were driving on this windy road that was about 500 ft above the sea, but it was a sheer cliff with no guardrail that separated us from falling into the ocean. it was intense, especially when our bus driver was passing potato trucks on the left side of the road with oncoming traffic. I guess they have no road rules down there.
We stayed in some awesome hostels, including this place where this is what my view in the morning was:
the only difference in the real thing is, i could usually see the white cap mountains that surrounded the entire town.
There were a lot of other cool things that happened, i will tell you a few since it would take me forever to write it all.

Went sandboarding. one of the highlights of my trip:

There was almost a small riot in cusco about water:

I visited this cool town that was made of ancient incan ruins. the people still live in the dwelling of the incans. pretty cool
and on the last day that i was there, i tried a dish called "cebiche". Its basically raw fish. Except its cooked in the acidic juices of lemon and limes. It was actually really good, even though i have never tried sushi or other raw fish in the US. so i was a little nervous that this "raw fish" stuff was going to give me amazing travelers diarrhea, but luckily it did no
So my trip was amazing, and i saw a lot of things. I also picked up a little Spanish which was really cool. I really hope i can go back down to south america some other time, its truly an amazing place.

So besides my trip to peru, i am now back on the bike. And since i missed team camp while i was gone I got my new bike and team stuff when i got back.
The bikes that the "wheelhouse / NCC" team will be riding this year are the carbon fiber BH connects. They are really cool and the only carbon fiber bike i have ever riden, and also the first new bike i have owned!! We got Rudy Glasses and helmets. And the kits are really cool as well!

So i went down the Johnny cake in NY with the team this past Saturday instead of going down to Princeton to race collegiate. The team did well, we had 2 guys in the break and San greenfield came away with 4th place, tremble in 7'th. Nathaniel took the field sprint and that was that. It was fun to race with the team.

I am just really siked to be on an actual team this year. I am very grateful that they gave me a spot on the team. I am really excited to race with the coolest team in the northeast.
Now that i took 11 days off, its time to start re-basing and getting the miles in so i can race well at Battenkill and hopefully i will be going to collegiate Nat's.

But besides that, i am back to school. I dont really care about my classes anymore. I do what i can to get a descent grade. I am more worried about the business that i am trying to start. Its also an independent study, so i will be graded on my business model. Its basically a real estate investement company that i am trying to start. Would be cool if it was profitable in 2 years. We will see. right now im working on meeting the right people and also trying to find investors for the business since i dont have $500K to start it!!!

but that all for now, time to get back to the grind.

o and here is a picture of my dog. His name is Boston, yeah thats right. He is the coolest dog ever.


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