Monday, March 15, 2010

High Altitudes

Wow, peru has been absolutely amazing so far. Im sitting in the Lima airport after an overnight 8 hour bus ride (which i slept for most of) and getting ready to leave for cuzco which is only an hour flight. I hope the race weekend for all collegiate riders went well. I did a 7-8 hour hike 2 days ago at about 15,000 feet altitude. So my blood is as thick as magma, which means i can basically climb mountain one legged on my bike, so watch out!!!

I have seen so many things that fast few days and Peru is truly amazing. I had Guinee* pig yesterday for the first time, it wasnt all that bad. Not a lot of meat on it so i just had to pick it up and gnaw on the bones to get the meat off. They literally serve you a guinee* pig chopped in half and then fried up with head and paws and everything. a little weird, but the locals love it and its not to bad.

The coffee and juice here in peru is absolutely amazing. The coffee is very bold and extremely cheap. I sat in a cafe for about 2-3 hours yesterday in down town Huaraz and drank 4 espresso and it cost around 4 dollars or 12 soles. and i drank fresh squeezed papaya juice and also a banana papaya and pineapple juice, it is a large glass it usually only cost about a dollar. its amazing!!!

We still have so much to do on this trip and i cant wait to see what other parts of the country has to show. I have met so many cool travelers from all over the world, its really cool. Im picking up a little spanish, but im definetly not at the level where i can communicate. But being able to understand what people are saying is a big help.

Liz and I also met up with her friend who is serving in the peace corps right outside of Huaraz and hes in the most poor area of the town and is picking potatoes and living with a peruvian family for 2 years. His stories are amazing.

But we are about to board our flight so i will just post a quick pic of our hike in the andes mountain 2 days ago.

i will keep posting when i have interweb access. but for now we are headed to beautiful cuzco!!


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