Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mid race post for Rutgers

Hello. So we are here in New Brunswick, NJ in the awesome Howard Johnson hanging around after a sweet day of racing. Just thought i would do a quick update on how the race is going so far.

We had about 10 new riders here from UMass so getting them all set up for the time trial was a bit hectic. But everyone but one rider got off on time and the one who didnt forgot his shoes at the hotel.... real nice... But most of our guys enjoyed there first TT and had a good time, we had some people in the top 10 in the D and intro fields so that was good.

as far as the A race went during the Crit. it went really well. I was the only UMass rider in the pack so covering attacks is sometimes pretty difficult, but i did a good job at getting in the right moves even though they went nowhere. The race was pretty hard but not as hard as last years crit for me. I was feeling really well going into the last lap and was on the guy from NYU's wheel going into the last turn as the second wheel looking for a big W or a top 3 but a crash had happened right before the last lap and changed the lines taken into the last turn, making NYU take it a little sharp and me the opposite. So i came very close to NYU guys wheel and tapped it slightly going through the corner and went down unfortunately... It sucks and im frustrated about it.. but thats bike racing and i had a good time and got a good feel for where im at in the pack.. and im feeling good about it.

i hope to do better tomorrow, so we will have to wait and see. We have the hour and twenty minute circuit race in store for us, so that should be fun.

Jersey is a dirty place, i dont reccomend visiting it soon

i will have a full update tomorrow in the circuit race.



  1. Nice Job Dude. I hope your ok. Long warm up today, then kick some ass.

  2. Nice race today! Hopefully that made up for yesterday. We were all watching the break and then were like "Whoa, where the hell'd Jeremy come from?!"