Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the start of a blog

So im jeremy. Im not a good writer, i like to ride bikes fast, and im working on starting a business when i graduate that will give me the flexibility to keep riding bikes for a long time.

Ive been training a lot for the upcoming ECCC road season and im looking forward to the Rutgers season opener. This week has been very stressful as the prez of the UMass team. Trying to organize 18 riders for a weekend of racing is annoyingly hard.

I cant wait to see what the race will be like this year. I will be racing the A category, and last year it was pretty tough for me, but Ive been training a bunch so hopefully it will be a little bit easier. We will see this weekend.

as i said in my description of myself, i want to become a pro cyclist some day. I know everyone says this and i know how hard it will be. But just to race on a pro team for one season will be my goal in my cycling career. i think it would be fun stuff.

I am also working on becoming a cycling coach. I have a few clients right now, and i train under Alec Donahue the coach for UMass bike racing. ive been learning a lot from him and hopefully within a year and a half i will have many clients and will be working on my own.

So ive rambled about different things. i guess this is what you do with a blog, im not really sure, i like to keep sentences going by adding a comma, its kinda fun to see how long you can keep them going.

next update will be after the Rutgers race to post about how it went with some pics hopefully


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