Monday, October 25, 2010

Double Rainbow win! and broken bones!!!

so this weekend brought me a set of wins in the new england cross scene!

It was great. The first day was pretty easy when no really fast guys showed up. I took the hole shot and had a gap the rest of the race. It was the least "cyclocrossy" course ive ever riden on. It was very straight, lots of pedlin' and no hard turns. perfect for me!

The second day brought the Saratogo springs Nycross race. These are my favorite races and it was going to be good racing against Alec for the win.

Al got the hole shot and then proceeded to turn really slowly, so i tried to go around him and crashed on the 4'th turn of the course. that was cool! got back on and it was just me and him with a good sized gap after the first lap. We were riding comfortably together and playing a game i call "" . What happens in this game is you choose a rider from the cannondale team to be, and then whatever rider you chose to be, that real life rider will get the same result you did in the game.

It worked out pretty good cuz i was "Jeremy Powers" in the race and i won and Al was Tim Johnson and he came in third. And then Powers also won his race and johnson came in 3'rd weird... good job us! ha.

Al was really sticking it to me for a while and not letting me catch up after he rode the run up and got a big gap on me ( So i chased really hard for about 4 laps and then he rolled his tire and i got ahead of him and was able to maintain my gap for the win!

This is the awesome podium they had at the race!

I won a sweet GORE jacket thats probably worth a couple hundred dollars, so that was really cool.

So that was an awesome weekend. and now im sitting in my bed cuz i broke my collar bone yesterday at cross practice!! typing with one hand is challenging

on the left side of the picture there are 2 pieces of bone that are supposed to be together.... but they are not.

I guess thats what i get for trying to hop the barriers like a cool guy. heres a video of me doing it last week. im the second person through.

I had it down really well yesterday, but just messed up a little on the last time through!! and bam, i immediately knew it was broken and it strangely didn't hurt that much! but now it does! good thing i have lots of drugs to numb the if this post sounds dumb just remember im on drugs and typing only with my left hand!

if only i had a really beautiful nurse to take care of me! that would be the best!

in other news. my brother is traveling to cambodia and is raising funds to help support talented young kids that dont have many resources. thats his blog, check it out and donate if you can!

im gunna go take some drugs now and vedge out. the pain feels weird.... almost as if there are 2 bones just hangin out not connected in my shoulder... and every slight move makes them want to yell.... weird!


  1. You're welcome for that Gore jacket, by the way. How did I not know you had a blog before now?

  2. i dunno. i try and keep it a secret!! haha. ive been wearing the gore jacket everyday... and enjoying it thoroughly now that i cant get on my bike!