Friday, October 8, 2010

Long time coming blog entry... NIGHT WEASELS

I havnt updated my blog in a long time, but the race i recently did called the night weasels definitely deserves a blog update. this race was so much fun, it was held a ski ward in shrewsberry MA. Colin from was promoting it and he did an amazing job.

this is only my second year racing cross, but this was the most fun ive ever had on a cross bike! EVER.

High fiving the fans! they were so helpful with there loud cheering

The field was pretty stacked and i had hoped for a top ten finish. I started behind Johnny Bold, the masters national champion, thinking that he would have a great start and put me in good position. That didnt happen, he slipped and missed his peddle and we ended up sitting around 25'th position into corner one. It was bumper ball for most of the first half of the course and then finally it lightened up and i got to get in a little groove for a bit.

I ended up with Johnny for the first lap, the lead group of about 8 or 9 was already established and riding away. So i started yelling at johnny to get moving and chase them down.... people were cheering for him a lot since he was national champ... i went around him and had a bit of a gap for half a lap... then i crashed so hard and he came cruisin right by... and that happened again for the next 2 laps....

I had a good gap from the chasers, but i couldnt figure out how to ride my bike that night and kept crashing! I felt bad for Peter Bradshaw, i must of crashed in front of him about 4 times. Sorry Peter.

I had such good legs, but it didnt matter because there was nowhere on that course to peddle really hard, and i just ended up going to fast into the corners and crashing every lap. Although i did ride the stairs about 5 or 6 times, and the announcer didnt give me any love about it.... All he talked about was the stupid pro, Adam Snyder, who was doing it.... Lame!! Nonetheless, it was fun to be able to ride something pretty challenging that noone else was riding. I think im going to call up Matt White and ask for private lessons on hopping barriers next.

I ended up being chased by Peter Bradshaw, who i can never seem to beat in cross races... and James Morrison and Steve Hopengarten were heckling in amazing fashion.. it made it so much fun... I enjoyed yelling at Peter as he was catching me and not taking beer feeds or riding the stairs. Which i think was lame, cuz hes a cool guy and should be doing cool things like riding stairs and drinking beer.

So i was enjoying myself very much, i was very muddy and couldn't ride my bike at all. I ended up 14'th overall which stinks, but at least me and johnny bold are now best friends since i got mentioned in his blog .

My coach and teammate Alec Donahue came in 3'rd over Adam Myerson which was great! His interview is here:

And my buddy Sean Kennedy had a great ride in the 3's race and also gave a really funny interview: .... check it out

I bought new brakes and put a new shifter on my bike... so its gonna be real fast this weekend at Providence! o snap.

But i need to go ride my bike now. hope you enjoyed my update

Heres a pic of a cool plane... $20 to anyone who knows what race you see this at when your driving there.


  1. You were one of maybe 3 racers who could ride the stairs without dismounting!! Impressive display of power and bike handling .... and showmanship!! The fans loved that!

  2. Durrin, I would applaud your ability to ride the stairs if it wasn't totally crossed out by your total inability to stay upright on off camber turns. YOU GET A TOTAL SCORE OF ZERO.

  3. thanks mike! it was fun trying to ride them smoothly.

    and steve. if i get a zero, that means you are somewhere in the -10 zone i think