Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Season. bike racing, hiking, apples. and im on the UCI worlds rankings for CROSS!

So its fall now... that means apples, leaves, hiking, and cyclocross.

Ive done all these things in the past week.. i think

On Monday i did some work and then went hiking with a friend Julianne and her two friends from Worcester.
It was perfect weather and we had a great time, and after we even visited a cool little biker bar that ended up being really cool and played some great jukebox music and played punching games, that were very overpriced i might add.. yea it was cool.. i know your jealous!

Tuesday myself and jeff cronin indulged in a few adult beverages in the evening time and ended up shooting an awesome dance video showcasing some sweet new cycling pants. Lots of controversy surrounded the release of the video, so I apologize to you for telling you about it, and not actually releasing it to the interwebs! sorry.

Wed/thursday/friday were normal boring work and ride times.. no fun.

Saturday the team headed out to NYcross.com race series at Troy NY. These races are awesome and i have been doing well at them. From the gun i was off the front of the race in search of the first lap prime of $50 which i got!! so that was awesome. Al and I ended up in a group with one other rider. So we worked together to get rid of him and i ended up off the front of the race by myself while he helped protect my lead. I ended up taking the win and Alec a close second. AWESOME racing.

So that was day one. Day two looked just as promising. I shot off the line and got the first lap prime again. I was ahead by a good amount with one other rider when i suffered a flat tire and had to run a bunch to get to the pit! that stunk. But luckily Alec caught and dropped the other rider i was with and won the race for the team!! i came in 7'th.

So the weekend went really well. being able to win some money at these small little races in upstate NY is always a great change to the big Verge series races. Sunday night was also great! did some fun things to top off the weekend on a high note.

On top of all that fun bike riding/ hiking stuff going on. I made SO MUCH APPLE SAUCE! with the apple season in full swing i made a lot of apple sauce that i have been consuming all day everyday! its great. i love it.

another thing. I made the UCI worlds ranking list for cross. im ranked 166 out 194! thats really cool! http://www.uci.ch/templates/BUILTIN-NOFRAMES/Template3/layout.asp?MenuId=MTU2MTc&LangId=1

So that means that i dont start dead last anymore in cross races and i actually get a call up now!

Things are going really well tho! and cant wait to see whats in store for me over the next few months! yea. cool stuff.

This is my little cuz. Shes the newest recruit on the team for next year!

thats my life.

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